Holiday Lighting

Residential or commercial, we here at Precision can step up to any challenge, big or small. The holiday season is best spent relaxing with family and friends, not up on a ladder in the snow and ice. Worry no more, and leave it to the pros to handle of all of your holiday lighting and live wreath creation needs.

Holiday Lighting
The Holidays are best spent relaxing with family and friends and not up on a ladder in the snow and ice. This year leave the misery of holiday lighting to the pros. We can design a custom lighting display that is simple or extravagant, depending on your needs and budget. We also hand craft live wreaths, garland, and accent pieces that can be a great addition to any display.
Live Crafted Wreaths
We offer a full line of wreaths, garland, and accent pieces. They are all made of live, fresh cut boughs. We hand craft every piece using many varieties including Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, White Pine, and Cedar. We fill retail orders as well as offer delivery and installation. We begin taking orders October 1.
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Custom Designs
Precision will design a lighting system with your specific needs in mind. We take in consideration what you would like to have illuminated and provide different techniques to light it. We can light pathways and steps with path lighting or down lighting, trees with up lighting or silhouette lighting, or wash a wall or hedge row with the use of a soft flood light. There are many different types of fixtures to give you the desired look, and every property needs a unique design.
New technology evolves in every industry and in landscape lighting its LED (light emitting diode) technology. LED fixtures can boost the longevity of your lighting system for up to 40,000 hours per fixture. That’s up to 50x the life expectancy of a typical halogen bulb. In addition, the energy consumption of a LED system is up to 75% less than conventional lighting systems, resulting in huge savings for the consumer over the life of the system.
Before installing, Precision will make a site visit to design a low-voltage lighting system that is tailored to your specific needs. We can artistically design a system to highlight the focal points of your property, not only providing beatification, but an increased level of security and property value. After installation we will return to do a final nighttime adjustment before presenting the system for your approval.
Repairs & Troubleshooting
Are your light bulbs burning out to fast? Do some of your fixtures look to dim? Is your current system casting your home in a bad light? We see these problems everyday and our service team of Certified Lighting Experts know how to fix it!
Service & Maintenance
We can provide you with a regularly scheduled service or maintenance plan for your lighting system(s). These visits can include but are not limited to bulb replacement, lens cleaning, checking wire connections, straightening/re-adjusting fixtures, and seasonal run time adjustments. Let us put a comprehensive plan together for your site.
Service Packages
Looking for a more than one of our services? Check out any of Precision's packages that will satisfy any multiple service needs you may need!
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Landscape Lighting

Have an intricate landscape lighting project in mind but dont know the specific details such as price, duration, and type of fixtures. Let us worry about the details, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the final results. Please visit our request a service page to request your project today and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!

Lawn Irrigation

Here at Precision, we are dedicated to assist any and all of your lawn irrigation needs. Whether it be an installation of a sprinkler system, or a repair on a sprinkler head, we take pride in the work that we do. Our certified professionals are always there for your questions and concerns, and won't hesitate to assist you in any additional problems that may arise. 

Backflow Testing
Precision can perform any backflow testing service for you and file all of the necessary paper work with the appropriate agencies, relieving you of this hassle. Our state certified testers will test and inspect the device. If any repairs are needed to render a successful test, they can be completed on the spot and a retest can be performed. Most backflow devices are located outside of the home, therefore the test can be accomplished without an interruption to your schedule.
Fall Winterizations
Every fall, we'll take the following steps to protect your system from the Michigan winter:
-Turn off the water at the supply and tag the shutoff valve
-Drain the plumbing
-Evacuate all water in system using compressed air at a safe operating pressure
-Unplug the controller and remove the battery backup
-Make notes of any problems that will need to be addressed in the spring
Irrigation Installations
Before installing, Precision will make a site visit to accurately design a sprinkler system that will efficiently water your property. By employing the latest technology, coupled with the most reliable products, we can ensure minimal water usage with years of reliability. Our installations are second to none. We take the utmost care when working on your property, making it appear as if we were never there.
Modifications & Additions
If your system requires improvements due to changes in your lawn and landscape needs, Precision can modify your existing system to satisfy your goals. We can add or extend zones to increase coverage, upgrade older impact turf rotors to water efficient gear driven rotors, and also convert entire zones to an otherwise better method of water delivery.
Spring Start-ups
Every spring, we'll take the following steps to get your system running its best:
-Turn on water supply
-Test and adjust all zones for peak performance
-Inspect for damage
-Perform all authorized repairs on the spot
-Program the controller to your preference
-Install a new battery backup, if necessary
System Audits
With water cost and conservation becoming a serious issue, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of this growing concern. We offer, at no cost, whole system audits. These audits allow us to precisely calculate your individual water usage and inform you what can be done to make your system operate more efficiently. There are many exciting new products available that can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on your water bill.
Water Conservation
Precision is at the forefront of the water conservation movement. Let us show you how to remedy these scenarios with some of the latest water conscious products, including weather based controllers, pressure compensating heads, and other water efficient upgrades. Allow us to perform a system audit to determine which products are right for your application.
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